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Book review patch clamp technique

Patch clamp technique by Fabian C.Roth, Markur Numberger, Andreas Draguhn

Fabian Roth, Markus Numberger, Andreas Draguhn Patch-Clamp-Technik Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg. 2023 ISBN: 978-3-662-66052-2 A review of our book "Patch-Clamp-Technik", written by Markos Xenakis and Angelika Lampert, was published in the Newsletter & Mitteilungsblatt der Deutschen Physiologischen Gesellschaft 12/2023 on December 21, 2023. The "Patch Clamp Technique", 2nd edition, by Roth, F.C., Numberger, M., and Draguhn, A. is a comprehensive, [...]

Patch clamp technique - 2nd edition published

Patch clamp technique by Fabian C.Roth, Markur Numberger, Andreas Draguhn

Fabian Roth, Markus Numberger, Andreas Draguhn Patch-Clamp Technique Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg. 2023 ISBN: 978-3-662-66052-2 The patch clamp technique is one of the most important neurophysiological working methods today. Its application has yielded significant insights into the function and properties of ion channels in basic biomedical research, and it has also become indispensable in applied pharmacological research. Clear and [...]

Study: Customers love round numbers, not exact ones

Round numbers appear higher than exact

People prefer round numbers to exact ones.Because exact, non-round numbers seem unfamiliar and difficult, many misjudge their value. Consider the following theoretical scenario: A vaccine against coronavirus is developed that is 91.27% effective. When the authorities publish this information with exactly this figure, most people consider the vaccine to be less [...]

Coffee - harmful or healthy?

Effect of Coffee on Health

Sometimes coffee is demonised, then caffeine is said to be very healthy again. As a neurobiologist and author who drinks "litres" of coffee every day, I am constantly asked the question: "What is true? Is coffee or caffeine now harmful or healthy?" In fact, a whole series of scientific studies have been published on this question and in July 2020 in the [...]

That seems Polish to me

I have just discovered that some of the texts I wrote for a German health publisher a few years ago have now also appeared on a Polish website. The site is called Zdrowie w Praktyce, which the Google translator translates as "Health and Practice" and is published by a publishing house in Warsaw, according to the imprint. Here is a screenshot: I [...]

New book: Dr. Numberger's Mentally Fit Kitchen

My latest book on mental fitness has been published: Dr. Numberger's Geistig Fit Küche It offers information and recipes for everyone who wants to do something for their mental fitness, for memory, concentration and brain health. The book is based on the latest findings and studies in neuroscientific research. It consists of two parts: approx. 60 pages with [...]

Sex in old age trains the brain - really?

I have already presented healthy nutrition, brain jogging exercises and sufficient exercise several times as good brain and memory trainers. But regular sex in the second half of life is also said to boost brain function, according to a British study. The work of scientists from Oxford and Coventry Universities has been haunting the media for some time. And the topic is simply too "sexy" [...].

Forgetfulness - cause for concern or harmless?

We all get into muddles from time to time. You look all over the house for the remote control and it's lying on the sofa table the whole time. Experts say this kind of thing is harmless, but other mental lapses could well be cause for concern. Here's how to distinguish harmless from worrying forgetfulness. You want your friend [...]

Sport or brain training - which makes the brain fitter?

How does the brain stay fit in old age - with sport or with brain training on the computer? Researchers at the Charité, Berlin, investigated this question in a study. Whether and to what extent physical and mental activities increase cognitive performance in older women was the aim of a study conducted by the Charité in Berlin. So far, there have been studies [...]

5 amazing tricks for a better memory

Memory is the cognitive ability that declines first in old age. This is especially true for short-term memory and is the case for almost all of us, not just Alzheimer's patients. Here are surprising but scientifically proven methods that can boost your memory power. Think positively Scientists at North Carolina State University have found that older [...]