Texts and Content for the Health Business

Texts and Content for the Health Business

Do you need effective and attractive content for your German speaking customers? (For your websites, blogs newsletters or print media.) In any case, you've come to the right place! I have been working as an expert for the healthcare, health and wellness sector for almost 25 years. For medical and scientific publishers, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, food supplements and medical products, for larger medical practices and pharmacies.I write for the target group of lay people as well as for medical professionals, and I'm well acquainted with the relevant legal regulations in Germany.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is particularly suitable for companies that want to sell or promote health products that require explanation. With good content you can turn the internet user into a visitor of your website, the website visitor into your customer and the customer into your regular customer.

Content marketing
Keyword Research and Content Strategy

Keyword Research and Content Strategy

I provide you with texts and other content on health topics for websites, blogs, newsletters, e-books, videos, print media and more. If required, I can carry out a professional keyword analysis beforehand and develop a content strategy that fits your business, your target group and your requirements.

Dr Markus Numberger, Medical content writer

Medical content from the expert!

I offer texts, videos, interactive content and graphics on health topics. For your website, your blog, your newsletter for lay people and medical professionals.

  • fast, flexible, cost-effective, on schedule.
  • in compliance with Germanys legal regulations (HWG, UWG)
  • in the appropriate wording for laypersons and professionals
  • You have little or no effort for briefing and editing

Dr Markus Numberger