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Coconut oil is rubbish!

Image of Coconut Oil and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil or coconut fat is one of the hypes among the "superfoods". Coconut fans think it is the miracle weapon against blood sugar and cholesterol or a means to lose weight. The other extreme is: "coconut oil is pure poison". I explain here how healthy coconut oil actually is. To put it briefly, coconut oil is not poison, but it is also not particularly [...]

Omega-3 fatty acids actually protect the heart

Omega 3 rich foods

Until now, it has been disputed whether omega-3 fatty acids are healthy for the cardiovascular system, i.e. whether they protect the heart, or whether they are useless. Omega-3 fatty acids are found, for example, in the fish oil of fatty marine fish, such as mackerel or wild salmon, or in krill oil, which are marketed as food supplements. Cardiovascular diseases, the most common cause of death in Germany About 40% of all deaths in our country are caused by cardiovascular diseases, [...]

Poorer sperm quality due to smartphones?

Sperm quality decreases due to nightly smartphone use

Perhaps men of procreative age should think twice about reaching for their smartphone or tablet at night. A new study found correlations between electronic media use at night and poor sperm quality. Study finds evidence of sperm damage As the findings, published in May in the journal Sleep, show, increased use of light-emitting media devices [...]

Coffee - harmful or healthy?

Effect of Coffee on Health

Sometimes coffee is demonised, then caffeine is said to be very healthy again. As a neurobiologist and author who drinks "litres" of coffee every day, I am constantly asked the question: "What is true? Is coffee or caffeine now harmful or healthy?" In fact, a whole series of scientific studies have been published on this question and in July 2020 in the [...]

Study participants wanted: Bipolar disorder - therapy aid via smartphone

People suffering from bipolar disorder fluctuate periodically between depressive phases, balanced state of mind and manic episodes. In order for doctors to be able to recognise the first signs at an early stage and counteract them preventively in future, doctors from the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Dresden University Hospital are testing the use of a smartphone app as part of a study. For this purpose, the monitoring app "MovisensXS" is installed on the [...]

Forgetfulness - cause for concern or harmless?

We all get into muddles from time to time. You look all over the house for the remote control and it's lying on the sofa table the whole time. Experts say this kind of thing is harmless, but other mental lapses could well be cause for concern. Here's how to distinguish harmless from worrying forgetfulness. You want your friend [...]