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Coffee - harmful or healthy?

Effect of Coffee on Health

Sometimes coffee is demonised, then caffeine is said to be very healthy again. As a neurobiologist and author who drinks "litres" of coffee every day, I am constantly asked the question: "What is true? Is coffee or caffeine now harmful or healthy?" In fact, a whole series of scientific studies have been published on this question and in July 2020 in the [...]

Sex in old age trains the brain - really?

I have already presented healthy nutrition, brain jogging exercises and sufficient exercise several times as good brain and memory trainers. But regular sex in the second half of life is also said to boost brain function, according to a British study. The work of scientists from Oxford and Coventry Universities has been haunting the media for some time. And the topic is simply too "sexy" [...].

Is pregnenolone the superhormone for memory?

Some time ago, an advertisement for a food supplement fluttered across my desk. It is called pregnenolone and, according to the prospectus, it is supposed to significantly improve learning and memory skills. "The most powerful substance ever tested to improve memory," the supplier promises. Let's take a look at what's behind it and what to make of it. Pregnenolone was [...]

Forgetfulness - cause for concern or harmless?

We all get into muddles from time to time. You look all over the house for the remote control and it's lying on the sofa table the whole time. Experts say this kind of thing is harmless, but other mental lapses could well be cause for concern. Here's how to distinguish harmless from worrying forgetfulness. You want your friend [...]