We develop content for emails, newsletters and blogs that is precisely tailored to your product and your target group(s). Through interesting and useful content, you attract new users, retain your readers in the long term and turn them into customers (again).

Email marketing offers you the most effective tool to repeatedly address your target group and - according to several studies - with the best ROI of all online marketing measures.

Our texts inform your current and potential customers about your product or service, but your target group also stays up to date on all product-related topics that are of interest to you and your customers.

Email marketing is still an important element in the marketing mix especially because it is an ROI-effective measure. Through customer-initiated and desired email contacts, you can build long-lasting and mutually profitable relationships with your customers. A personalised email campaign that is precisely tailored to the needs of the target group is therefore not only important for the distribution of your content, but it also supports brand awareness and promotes conversions.

The best email marketing strategy

With the right strategy, you can address your target audience in the best possible way and satisfy their need for information and entertainment....

E-mail texts

Do you want your newsletters to be something special? Do you want to stand out from the mass of mails in your inbox, retain your regular visitors? be attractive to potential customers? The key is content that offers your users added value. To do this, you need content that is medically correct, understandable and appealing, while also fitting in with your brand philosophy. I can offer you the right content for almost any health topic, optimised according to your wishes for high open rates, high click rates and good conversion.

With your product know-how and my experience in topic selection and strong texts, together we try to achieve the best possible result for you.

Further services

Healthcare Content Strategist

We develop an effective and targeted content strategy based on your specifications and a detailed keyword and potential analysis.

Healthcare SEO Content Writer

The texts are the most important part of your internet presence. Search engines must index them, your target group must respond to them.

Other media

Infographics and videos provide more user-friendliness and more traffic. A picture says more than a thousand words - a video says even more.