A picture is worth a thousand words!

Infographics, illustrations and cartoons not only make it easier to convey the often complicated medical content, they also lighten up the page and encourage reading. In addition, pictures are readily disseminated.

Many things can be conveyed more clearly and emotionally with graphics and illustrations, which complement the text perfectly. In addition, an appealing illustration is also better perceived and more often disseminated on social media channels than pure text.

Illustrations and graphics from a professional

Together with a professional artist, we create individually tailored solutions for you - either adapted to the design and style of your appearance or freely as desired. In doing so, we can create both static and animated graphics, depending on how it suits the theme....

Possible are photos, photorealistic, stylised illustrations or - where it fits - cartoons. You can purchase the graphics exclusively or only the rights of use for specific projects. 

illustration of abdominal breathing
Healthy Sleep by Dr Markus Numberger

Examples of videos and animated graphics can be found here.

Further services

Healthcare Content Strategist

Based on your specifications and a detailed keyword and potential analysis, we develop a content strategy tailored to your needs.

Texts & Seo

The texts are the decisive factor of your internet presence. They must be found by search engines, but above all they must appeal to your target group.

Medical Blog Writer & Email Copywriter

We develop email marketing campaigns that are precisely tailored to your product and target group(s).