Significant traffic increase using a blog

Today we show you an example of content marketing in the health sector - in this case, for a nutritional supplement for the brain.
You can still read some of the articles in this blog today (2021) on the website The company Whitewall sells food supplements that are beneficial to brain performance (memory, concentration, etc.). After a detailed keyword analysis, the topics for the blog were therefore articles on the areas of: Concentration, memory, learning, brain performance, brain training, brain nutrition, but also exhaustion, stress and burnout. In addition, extensive information on the ingredients of food supplements is of course provided. The goals of the blog are:

  • Increase confidence in the product,
  • Retain existing customers and encourage repeat purchases
  • acquire new customers (via search engines and social media).

"Through Healthcare Content Marketing 's blog articles, we achieved an increase in traffic to our blog by an average of 780% 1 and a significant increase in sales."

Albert Gossner, former Managing Director, Whitewall

1Comparison ofthe average page views on the individual Healthcare Content Marketing blog articles with the blog articles before this campaign.

Blog brings significant increase in sales

According to an analysis of the website and a statement by Albert Gossner, Managing Director of Whitewall, which sells the nutritional supplement BrainEffect, the blog articles have led to a significant increase in traffic to the website and a significant increase in online sales.
The following blog posts were particularly successful:

  • Creativity - 7 signs that show if you are creative
  • Learning drugs vs. natural learning aids - What really helps?
  • The vitamins of the B-complex - important for the brain
  • Memory full - recognise the limits of your brain
  • How to increase your child's learning abilities
  • Creativity - Do artists have a special brain?
  • Spring fatigue - causes and tips for combating it
  • Omega-3 is especially important for children
  • Learning drugs - Smart Pills - Brainboosters - What to make of them?
  • What does love do to our brain?
  • What does caffeine do in the brain?
  • Computer games make you smarter
  • Cordyceps sinensis, the Chinese caterpillar fungus
  • Where wit and humour originate and what is funny. Findings of brain research
  • Does brain jogging really help the brain?
  • Natural power for the brain of children and young people
  • 5 myths about the brain that you previously thought were true
  • The brain is to blame for why New Year's resolutions fail
  • The best apps for brain training
  • Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Mental Fitness
  • Social media use does not change the brain for the better
  • Brain healthy for Santa's stocking
  • Sleep is important for the brain
  • The 7 ways to more serenity and inner strength
  • Multitasking shrinks the brain
  • Do the brains of women and men differ?
  • 10 foods for more brain power
  • 10 effective techniques against stress and burn-out part 1 and 2
  • Why professional footballers rely on brain training
  • Eating fish is healthy for the brain
  • Does mental decline start at 24, already?
  • Don't work harder, work smarter!
  • Green tea extract soothes and stimulates
  • Power shots for your mental fitness - BrainEffect rapid
  • Do we really only use 10% of our brain?
  • Why do intelligent people live longer?
  • For mental vitality and memory - BrainEffect rapid
  • P-FIT: Where in the brain does human intelligence reside?
  • A lazy holiday is poison for intelligence
  • How does the brain of computational artists work?
  • Guarana extract, a wonder drug of the Brazilian Indians
  • Mnemonic devices and other memory strategies
  • Tips for a better memory for names
  • First proof: green tea extract is power for the brain
  • Researchers watch the brain learn
  • What helps the brain with overload
  • Why the brain constantly needs energy
  • Is fat bad for the brain?
  • Tips for a better memory
  • How does our memory work?
  • Stress blocks the brain
  • Computer or sport: which is better for the brain
  • The human brain - a marvel of complexity and performance