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Neuroscientists reveal: When does an article go viral?

It is not only bloggers and online marketing experts who are concerned with the question: Why does one article spread virally like wildfire, but another - very similar - never goes viral? For the first time, neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania have now investigated which brain activities lead to an article being read and recommended (going viral) via social media. In fact, you can [...]

Increase traffic with a small budget - The 6 best strategies

You have a great product. You have researched the relevant keywords. You have invested time and money in a website and optimised it for search engines. But still the visitors don't come. And without marketing measures, you will have to wait a long time. What is the most effective way to advertise on the Internet? Which online marketing measures are really worth the money and effort? […]

Funny video on content marketing

I found the following video on the net. It describes very humorously - but with some truth - what content marketing is and how content marketing is often applied. The video promotes the Content Marketing Conference, which is certainly worth a visit. But if you want to do content marketing faster - and more successfully than in the video [...]

Building trust through content marketing in the health sector

Detailed version of a text from PM-Report, June 2015 Author: Dr. Markus Numberger In the June 2015 issue of PM-Report, a text of mine was published that I would like to expand on here. Above all, I would like to give tips on how to create trust online. In doing so, I only address content marketing, not [...]